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Wyoming Supreme Court Appoints Shawna Goetz Clerk of the Supreme Court
Posted On: January 4, 2021
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Wyoming Courts Adapt, Continue Their Work
Posted On: November 30, 2020
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E-Filing Progress Report Now Available
Posted On: November 24, 2020

Members of the Wyoming Bar have been anxious to know when E-Filing will arrive and what it will look like. Now that information can be found on the Wyoming Judicial Branch website, The site contains a history of the complex E-Filing project, lists of the committee members working on the project, E-Filing reports, and […]

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Wyoming Supreme Court Issues Order Recommending Jury Trials be Suspended
Posted On: November 13, 2020
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Upgraded Case Management System Rollout Completed in WY Circuit Courts
Posted On: November 12, 2020

Wyoming Circuit Courts handle about 125,000 filings a year, so a reliable electronic case management system is critical to their continued functioning.  Under the leadership of Heather Kenworthy, the Wyoming Supreme Court Applications team just completed the installation of an upgraded case management system in all 24 of the State’s Circuit Courts.  This accomplishment is […]

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