The mission of the Wyoming State Law Library is to serve the Wyoming judiciary, members of the Wyoming State Bar Association, the Wyoming Legislature and the public by acquiring and maintaining appropriate legal resources that contribute to the process of providing just and timely resolution of all matters before the courts. Fulfillment of this mission requires timely, adequate, accessible and effective resources that meet the current and future needs of the courts and library patrons.

Thomson Reuters wants to continue to support Patrons through the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve made changes to the complimentary remote access you’re eligible to receive. Beginning March 14, access will now be to Westlaw Edge for 7 days with no time limits.

Here’s how to get started: (Click here for visual instructions.)

  1. Access the Westlaw Edge trial page and enter your email address:
  2. Enter your contact information. In the Organization Type field, please select “Patron.”
  3. Create User Name and Password and complete Security fields
  4. Click Launch Trial

Please Note: If your email address has been associated with Westlaw in the past, please use a new, non-associated email address when signing up.