Contact Information:

  • Alicia Paxton
  • Administrative Assistant
  • 2301 Capitol Ave.
  • Cheyenne, WY 82002
  • Phone: 307.777.7678
  • Fax: 307.777.3447
  • Email:
Elisa Butler
State Court Administrator

Claire Smith
Deputy Administrator/Chief Fiscal Officer

Welcome to the Administrative Office of the Courts

The Wyoming Supreme Court created the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) in 2000. Wyoming’s State Court Administrator is appointed by the Chief Justice of the Wyoming Supreme Court and serves at the pleasure of the Supreme Court. The mission of the AOC is to provide administrative, technical, educational, financial, payroll, auditing and human resources support to Wyoming judges and their support staff in an accurate, timely, and efficient manner. Through direction of the Wyoming Judicial Council, the AOC serves as a liaison between the Executive and Legislative Branch, law enforcement, and members of the public.

We are happy to have you visit our website and learn more about us. Our goal is to help the Judicial Branch serve the public.

Links to descriptions of the Judicial Committees and Boards and programs can be found on the home page. If you need help finding information on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Administrative Office of the Courts

State Court Administrator Elisa Butler 307.777.7238
Deputy Administrator/Chief Fiscal Officer Claire Smith 307.777.7502
Communications Officer Cierra Hipszky 307.777.3391
Court Security Officer Joe Hartigan 307.777.6528
Administrative Assistant Alicia Paxton 307.777.7678

Fiscal and Human Resources Division

Deputy Administrator/Chief Fiscal Officer Claire Smith 307.777.7502
Accounting Analyst Shawna Enyeart 307.777.7620
Accounts Payable/HR Clerk Erica Steiner 307.777.7583
Internal Auditor Cecilia Toomey 307.777.7581
Archiving Specialist Amy Klein-Wingate 307.365.1614
Human Resources Manager Brenda Reedy 307.777.7629
Human Resources Clerk Julie Balland 307.777.7153

Legal Division

Chief Legal Officer/Director of Chancery Court Ben Burningham 307.777.6565
Staff Attorney Victor Payne 307.777.6487
Chancery Court Clerk/Legal Division Paralegal Gena Hansen 307.262.3421
State Law Librarian Matt Swift 307.777.8564
Library Technician Amber Bell 307.777.7687

Education Division

Chief Education Officer/Director of CJP Lisa Finkey 307.777.7575
Court Process Education Specialist Nicole Hatfield 307.274.1200
Children's Justice Project Coordinator Briana Montoya 307.631.3758
Training Coordinator and Content Creator Rena Mackenzie 307.777.7590
Training Specialist Summer Kelly 307.777.7581

Applications Division

Chief Applications Officer Heather Kenworthy 307.777.7652
Applications Lead Stevie Marsh 307.777.2954
Applications Lead Amanda Colwell 307.777.7042
Applications Team Coordinator Erica Jensen 307.777.7618
Applications Support Specialist Callie Strode 307.777.7438
Applications Support Specialist Jane Whitley 307.777.7782
Applications Support Specialist Carrie Wilson 307.777.7642
Applications Training Specialist Vacant 307.777.7723
Applications Configuration Specialist Stephen Gillis 307.777.6871

Information Technology Division

Chief Technology Officer Nate Goddard 307.777.6130
Database Administrator Andy Corbin 307.777.7633
SQL Developer Amanda Nunn 307.777.7946
Data & Quality Assurance Analyst Shane McCreary 307.630.4720
IT Infrastructure Manager Keven McGill 307.777.7117
IT Infrastructure Administrator Cassidy Hunt 307.777.8957
IT Service Manager Tyler Christopherson 307.777.6224
IT Service Administrator Joe Lucero 307.777.7669
IT Service Administrator Dominic Hodgen 307.777.5997
Audio-Visual Services Manager Jayson Dixon 307.631.0806