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  • Shawna Goetz
  • 307.777.7569
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  • Laura Mickey
  • 307.777.5117
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  • 2301 Capitol Avenue
  • Cheyenne, WY 82002


Appellate Docket

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Admission to the Practice of Law in Wyoming

Rules & Procedures Governing Admission to the Practice of Law in Wyoming

For those taking the February exam, the application deadline is November 15th. For those taking the July exam, the application deadline is April 14th.


About the Office

The Clerk of Court is a constitutionally created office. (Wyo. Const. Art. 5, § 9) It is the public office of the Wyoming Supreme Court. The clerk is the Court’s record keeper, and is responsible for case management including: docketing appeals and petitions for review, accepting filings in cases before the Court, filing and serving all orders of the Court, and issuing opinions on the day of publication. The Supreme Court’s docket is available to the public at no charge on this website. Admission to the Wyoming State Bar begins here with the filing of an application for admission.

The clerk and staff are committed to quality customer service to the justices and staff of the Court, judges and attorneys at law or the public. The clerk cannot provide legal advice, but is always happy to answer procedural questions regarding the Rules of Appellate Procedure or Admission to the Practice of Law.

Meet the Clerks

Shawna Goetz
Clerk of Court

Laura Mickey
Chief Deputy Clerk of Court