Circuit Court of the 3rd Judicial District, Lincoln County, State of Wyoming (Kemmerer)

Contact Information


  • Lincoln County Justice Center
  • 1040 Justice Center Drive
  • Kemmerer, Wyoming 83101

Mailing Address

  • PO Box 949
  • Kemmerer, Wyoming 83101


  • Appointed Date: May 2019
  • Term Expires: January 2021

Courtroom Technology

Standard courtroom technology is not the same at all locations. Please review the desired courtroom below for a list of available technology. If you have questions about the technology provided in the courtroom, or would like to schedule a test using the available equipment, please contact the court directly.

You are responsible for bringing any necessary cables / adapters. If you plan to utilize the courtroom technology equipment, please review the guide below:

Courtroom Technology Guide

  • Assisted Listening
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Telephone Audio Conferencing
  • Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing
  • Microsoft Surface Hub
  • Wireless Display Capability
  • HDMI Connection