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Patricia Bennett, Clerk of Court
Wyoming Supreme Court
Voice: 307.777.7316
Patricia Bennett

Applications and the rules regarding admission are available at the Wyoming State Bar website under the “Admissions” tab:

  • Please read the rules carefully, incomplete applications will not be filed. Feel free to contact the Clerk of Court with any questions.

    Yes. If you are applying for admission to another jurisdiction and are a member of the Wyoming Bar, you may be asked to provide a Certificate of Good Standing under the seal of the highest court in the state. The Clerk’s office issues the certificate, there is a charge of
    $10.00 for each certificate issued. Please include payment with your request.

    Complaints are made to Bar Counsel at the Wyoming State Bar website under the “FOR THE PUBLIC” tab, Complain About a Lawyer:

    Contact the Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics for Wyoming.
    For more information you can visit the Commission’s website at
    The Commission does not govern the federal judiciary.

    Wendy Soto, Executive Director
    Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics
    P.O. Box 2645
    Cheyenne, WY 82003
    (307) 778-7792
    Fax (307) 778-8689

    Yes, parties and the general public may view most docket pages and documents electronically through the public docket unless the case is confidential. The public docket provides the case caption, the status of the case, parties, counsel of record, case decision information, due dates for briefs and responses to petitions, and the docket entries. There are no fees for viewing the public docket. Cases filed after January 1, 2006 are available on the public docket and cases filed after 2011 are complete and have most documents uploaded for viewing.

    The docket fee for filing an appeal or a petition for review in the Wyoming Supreme Court is $95.00. When filing the notice of appeal in district court, the appellant gives the docket fee (payable to Clerk, Wyoming Supreme Court), along with a $70.00 check to the district court clerk to prepare the record for appeal. The clerk will forward the check to the Supreme Court when the appeal is ready to be docketed. If you are filing a petition for review in the Supreme Court, include the docket fee with the petition and copies. Original proceedings are not electronically filed at this time.

    After acceptance of an electronically filed document, the original (original ink signature) plus six copies
    of any motion, brief, response to a petition for review or other pleading are required in the Supreme Court.
    (See Rule 1.01, W.R.A.P.) The only exceptions are motions for extension of time to file brief and motions
    for voluntary dismissals of cases that have not been briefed. These motions are not conference matters
    and do not go before the entire Court, the filer need only send one original.

    The electronic docket provides public access to cases before the Court. The hard copies are still used in the same manner as they always have, the justices and law clerks read them for decision making and crafting an opinion, the judicial assistants use them to verify information. The original copy of each pleading is part of the permanent record of the case which eventually goes to the Wyoming State Archives.

    The record remains in the district court until all briefs have been filed, at which time the Supreme Court requests those portions of the record on appeal that has been designated by the parties from the district court. The record may be checked out from the district court to prepare briefs. See Rule 3.05, W.R.A.P. and Rule 3.09, W.R.A.P.

    The clerk of district court will provide an index to the record at the time the case is docketed in the Supreme Court. (Rule 3.05(a)) You may use the page numbers on the index. Although the entire record won’t be sent to the Supreme Court, the clerks do not renumber the record after receiving the designations from counsel.

    All documents filed in the Supreme Court should be on 8 1/2” x 11” paper. See Rule 1.01(b), W.R.A.P. When attaching pleadings prepared on 8 /12” x 14”, they are to be reduced to 8 1/2 ” x 11″ paper. W.R.A.P. 1.01(d)

    Our system does the work for you! Go to the Public Docket on the Judicial Branch home page. Enter the complete docket number S-XX-XXXX or name of a party and click on “Search.” Scroll down the page to “Tickler Information” and you will see any due dates on the calendar.

    The required attachment is the order or judgment you are appealing. See Rule 7.01(j), W.R.A.P. Don’t attach
    copies of other documents which will be designated and found in the record. Attachments on a brief are
    not a substitute for the designation of record. Likewise, don’t attach copies of depositions or other
    documents that were never made part of the record in district court.

    I can see an icon at the right of the docket entry I want to see. How do I open it?

    Place your cursor order the icon, a box will pop-up to the left with one or more titles.
    Slide the cursor over the entry you want to view, click to open.

    The Clerk’s office will not fax documents. Published opinions are available on the Judicial Branch website by clicking on “Opinions.” From July 1, 2008 forward, you will find case-specific documents that were electronically filed and beginning November 1, 2010, orders entered in cases. As for other documents unavailable online, we will make requested copies at $ .50 per page for photocopying costs.

    No, the Supreme Court instituted mandatory electronic filing for all
    in 2008. W.R.A.P. 1.01(a).
    Wyoming Rules of Appellate Procedure 1.07 prohibits fax filings in the Supreme Court.

    Currently, forms approved by the Supreme Court are found in the pro se divorce packets. You can
    download the forms found under the “Legal Help & Forms” tab on the Judicial Branch website.
    The packet of forms can also be obtained from the District Court Clerks. The cost for each packet
    is $ 10.00.

    Equal Justice Wyoming has compiled a library of self-help forms. They can be found at:

    Generally, you can expect a case to be under advisement approximately three to six months. This is not an exact timeframe because there can be many variables such as the number of issues raised in the appeal, if it is a case of first impression for the Court or the size of the current court docket.

    Yes, except for confidential cases, you can listen to a live audio stream. On the Judicial Branch website, click on the tab “Live Broadcast.” If you join on argument day and nothing is being broadcast, the Court may be taking a short recess. Stand by.

    No, any audio recording is for internal use of the Court. The Supreme Court does not employ a court reporter, so no transcript is made.

    Yes, if you are looking for an older case, those files are retained by the Wyoming State Archives.
    There is a charge for copying; you may contact the State Archives for more information at:

    Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources
    State Archives
    2301 Central Avenue
    Cheyenne, WY 82002
    (307) 777-7826

    No, the law clerks and Justices cannot provide legal advice.

    No, the Supreme Court will look at the same record that the lower court used in deciding the case. The Supreme Court does not take evidence like a trial court.

    Possibly. For more information go to Equal Justice Wyoming’s website and look under the “Get Legal Help Tab.”