These are ten of the most commonly used print materials available at the Wyoming State Law Library.

  • Journal and Debates of the Constitutional Convention of the State of Wyoming 2 vols. (Call Number: KFW4601 .A2 J78 1893):
    This two-volume set details the debates at the first Wyoming Constitutional Convention.
  • West’s Wyoming Digest: A Digest of Wyoming Legal Authorities, State and Federal (Call Number: KFW4257 .W47):
    This multivolume set indexes legal issues from state cases in the Wyoming Reporter.
  • West’s Wyoming Statutes Annotated: Using the Classification and Numbering System of the Wyoming Statutes as Amended (Call Number: KFW4230 .A4 W95):
    This set is the unofficial version of the Wyoming State Statutes. It contains different annotations than the official LexisNexis set of statutes.
  • Wyoming Blue Book (Call Number: REF JK7616 .W96):
    This multivolume set published by the Wyoming State Archives chronicles the history of the Wyoming State Government.
  • Wyoming Civil Pattern Jury Instructions (Call Number: KFW4742.6 .A65 W893):
    Current and past jury instructions published by the Wyoming State Bar.
  • Wyoming Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions (Call Number: KFW4783 .A65 W96):
    Current and past jury instructions published by the Wyoming State Bar.
  • Wyoming Legal Research (Call Number: KFW 4275 .P47 2013):
    A comprehensive guide that focuses on legal research specific to Wyoming.
  • Wyoming Reporter (Call Number: KFW4245 .W):
    This multivolume set contains Wyoming Supreme Court opinions.
  • The Wyoming State Constitution (Call Number: KFW4601 .K45 2011):
    This book is an in depth guide to the Wyoming Constitution.
  • Wyoming State Statutes Annotated (Call Number: KFW4230 .A2 W9):
    Published by LexisNexis and is the official set of Wyoming State statutes.