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The committee was informally created by the Wyoming Supreme Court to perform an annual review of the Uniform Bail and Forfeiture Schedule and recommend changes to the Wyoming Supreme Court per the enactment of new legislation and suggestions of law enforcement agencies and judicial officers. Each law enforcement agency designates its own member to this committee.

Under § 5-9-107, the Wyoming Supreme Court has statutory authority to set circuit court fees and costs:

5-9-107. Supreme court to adopt rules; establish fees and court costs; rules of civil and criminal procedure to govern courts.

     The Wyoming supreme court is hereby vested with management and supervisory powers over the circuit courts of the state of Wyoming, and shall, by rule of the supreme court establish procedures and regulations for the effective and expeditious administration of the business of the circuit courts and shall establish fees and costs for those courts.  The Wyoming Rules of Civil Procedure for Circuit Courts and the Wyoming Rules of Criminal Procedure for Circuit Courts, as amended or supplemented from time to time, shall govern circuit courts.

Also, Rule 3.1 (d)(1) of the Wyoming Rules of Criminal Procedure, provides:

Rule 3.1.  Use of citations; bail.

     (d)  Payment of fines and costs or forfeiture of bail in lieu of appearance.  – A citing officer may require any person to appear in court on a date and time certain to answer to the offense charged in the citation by checking the “MUST APPEAR” box on the citation.  If the citing officer checks the “MAY FORFEIT BOND IN LIEU OF APPEARANCE” box on the citation the offense may be dealt with as follows:

     (1) A person may satisfy a promise to appear in court by paying to the court, or to another authorized by that court to accept bond for misdemeanor offenses, on or before the appearance date the amount of the fine and court costs as listed on the uniform bail schedules adopted and published by the Wyoming Supreme Court and set forth in Appendix I to this rule;