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Cierra Hipszky
2301 Capitol Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Upon the recommendation of the Board of Judicial Policy and Administration (now known as the Wyoming Judicial Council), the Wyoming Supreme Court signed an order dated April 1, 2010, establishing the Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee. The committee was established to provide guidance to judges, as defined in the Wyoming Code of Judicial Conduct, concerning compliance with the Wyoming Code of Judicial Conduct. The committee is composed of three judges, retired judges, or retired justices, and two members of the Wyoming State Bar. Of the judicial members, at least one shall be a district judge and at least one shall be a circuit court judge. No currently serving justice shall be a member of the committee.

Committee Opinions

      • JEAC 2010-01 ⇒ Retention Election—campaigning against “active opposition”
      • JEAC 2011-01 ⇒ Publicly advocating for change in law on a particular issue
      • JEAC 2012-01 ⇒ Reporting requirements for expenses paid by sponsor of extrajudicial activity
      • JEAC 2012-02 ⇒ Non-profit organization—serving on board of directors
      • JEAC 2014-01 ⇒ Signing a resignation agreement which contains a confidentiality clause
      • JEAC 2014-02 ⇒ Participating in personal or extrajudicial activities of an educational or civic nature
      • JEAC 2014-03 ⇒ Requesting private donations for a judicial education center
      • JEAC 2014-04 ⇒ Applying for public grant funds for public education of law-related matters
      • JEAC 2016-01 ⇒ Serving on a profession’s disciplinary committee which is not law-related
      • JEAC 2016-02 ⇒ Writing character references for an individual involved in a judicial proceeding
      • JEAC 2016-03 ⇒ Part-time judge practicing criminal law in courts other than the one he serves
      • JEAC 2016-04 ⇒ Participating on council that engages in legislative reform of judicially enforced statutes
      • JEAC 2018-01 ⇒ Testifying as a character witness in a judicial, administrative or adjudicatory proceeding
      • JEAC 2018-02 ⇒ Spouse employed as director of an organization that provides advocacy services before the court in which the judge sits
      • JEAC 2019-01 ⇒ Spouse volunteering for organization that advocates on behalf of children in juvenile court system & domestic violence protection order cases
      • JEAC 2019-02 Duty that arises when judge’s employee retains attorney who routinely practices in judge’s court
      • JEAC 2020-01ABA Judicial Division as DUI Liaison
      • JEAC 2021-01 ⇒ Seeking or accepting appointment to nonjudicial employment with federal government executive branch