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The mission of the Wyoming Access to Justice Commission is to promote fair and equal access to civil justice in Wyoming.

To further that mission, a streamlined Commission now serves four primary functions:

1.  Acting as an advisory body to the Supreme Court in support of the Court meeting its statutory obligations under the 2010 Wyoming Civil Legal Services Act (Wyo. Stat. Ann. § 5-2-121, et. seq.)(Act).  This includes assisting the Court in its role as liaison with the Legislature, Agencies, Bar, etc.

2.  Acquiring and maintaining funding and other resources in support of Equal Justice Wyoming’s (EJW) efforts consistent with the Act and the December 2008 Wyoming Supreme Court Order Creating the Access to Justice Commission (Order).

3.  Exercising limited, focused independent oversight over EJW as contemplated by the Act and the Order.

4.  Serving as a resource to EJW for specific tasks where the EJW Board of Commissioners determines the Commission can be most helpful.

In performing these functions, the Commission prioritizes its support of EJW’s efforts in the following areas:

  • Increased pro bono participation.
  • Elder care.
  • Identification and implementation of alternative and creatives ways to deliver civil legal services to Wyoming’s economically disadvantaged citizens.

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About the AJC

The Access to Justice Commission was established by Court order on December 16, 2008. Its mission is to promote fair and equal access to civil justice in Wyoming.


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