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Faxes -- (307) 777-7240

  1. It is preferred that any attorney or firm desiring to send or receive materials using the Law Library's Fax machine have an account established with the Law Library. Fax charges will be deducted from the account.  Should a person desiring to have materials Faxed not have an account, an invoice will be sent with the project.  A copy of the invoice will be placed in the library money drawer until such time as payment is received.
  2. Materials may only be Faxed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.
  3. The Law Library Staff will only act directly on Faxes received requesting Law Library materials or on general communications to members of the Supreme Court staff. Prior notice of transmission of these communications is not required nor will any charges be assessed to the sender.  However, the Law Library will not be responsible for the filing of any motions, briefs, etc. with the Clerk of the Wyoming Supreme Court or for the movement of any other documents transmitted to meet established deadlines or addressed to persons not on the Court staff.  In emergency situations such documents may be Faxed to the Law Library but arrangements must have been made with the Clerk of Court or some other entity in Cheyenne to pick up the documents for filing or whatever other action may be required.  In these situations the Law Library must be informed of the arrangements prior to transmission and any documents not picked up within 24 hours of receipt will be discarded. For these documents, the Law Library will charge $.25/page from the sender's account to cover the costs of paper and toner.                          
  4. When the Law Library receives a request for materials (e.g. treatises, cases or law reviews) via Fax, the materials will be located, copied and/or mailed per the normal procedures established for material requests. They will not be returned via Fax unless specifically requested. 
  5. The Law Library will receive requests for the Faxing of materials by phone, e-mail, Fax or library website online form but will transmit a maximum of 20 pages per firm per day. The requesting attorney's or firm's account will be charged $.85/page for the Faxing of materials.  Make sure if you request the Faxing of materials, you supply the Law Library with your Fax number!

Policy reviewed 11/2011