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Library Home > About Us > Disclaimer & Confidentiality

Disclaimer & Confidentiality

The law library reference department's ability to provide assistance is limited to helping locate sources of information. No member of the law library staff can assist in the interpretation of legal materials. Materials referenced by the law librarian are intended as sources of information and are not warranted to supply definitive answers. As there are many resources available for locating legal information, it is recommended that first time law library users refer to a basic text on legal research to get an overall view of the types of legal materials available and how to access and interpret them. People representing themselves are expected to do their work on their own. If you have legal questions, we recommend you consult an attorney. If you need legal advice, please go to the Wyoming Bar Assocation to search for an attorney.

Although the Wyoming State Law Library attempts to assure that the information provided at and through this website represents complete, current, and accurate information, because the law and consequently, information related to the law, continually change and because the Wyoming Law Library relies on other sources to compile some of the information available at or through this website, the Wyoming Law Library neither warrants nor guarantees the completeness, the currency, or the accuracy of the information available at or through this website. The Wyoming Law library cautions users of the website from relying on or using the information until the user independently verifies the completeness, currency and accuracy of the information.

Computers designated for public access are open to the general public. The Wyoming State Law Library does not guarantee any privacy and/or confidentiality of information when using these computers. Please use at your own discretion.

Confidentiality of Law Library Records:

Section 16-4-203 of the Wyoming Statutes provides:

(d) The custodian shall deny the right of inspection of the following records, unless otherwise provided by law:
(ix) Library circulation and registration records except as required for administration of the library or except as requested by a custodial parent or guardian to inspect the records of his minor child.

In accordance with this statute, the Law Library staff cannot release the name of borrowers of Law Library materials unless approval of the borrower is secured. The staff will make an effort to secure such approval or to secure the return of the item at the borrower's earliest convenience.

Policy reviewed 11/2011