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Library Home > About Us > Circulation Policy

Circulation Policy

Law Library materials may only be checked out directly to the following persons if they are in good standing with the Law Library:

  • Wyoming Supreme Court
  • Wyoming Judiciary
  • Members of the Wyoming State Bar
  • Legislators and Their Staff
  • State Employees
  • Holders of Valid Borrowers’ Cards from Participating WYLD Libraries
  • Laramie County Residents

All legislators and their staff, Wyoming State Bar members, and state employees may register for circulation privileges at the Law Library. A borrower’s card will not be needed to check out Law Library materials since Law Library personnel can access the appropriate records by name.

Additionally, all persons who possess valid library cards from any Wyoming library participating in the WYLD system may use that card to borrow books when they are present in the Law Library. Persons with such cards need not provide a separate registration. Remote requests from persons within Wyoming, but outside Cheyenne (except members of the bench and bar) will not be fulfilled directly by the Law Library. Persons making such requests will be referred to their local library to assist them in using the state interlibrary loan system.

A Laramie County resident who does not have a valid library card from a participating WYLD library will be provided with a temporary borrower’s card from the Law Library to permit the borrowing of materials. Proof of Laramie County residency and an operative telephone number and/or e-mail address will be required.

Material requested by members of the bench and bar who have offices outside Cheyenne,
will be sent during business hours Monday thru Friday. Copies will be sent by first class mail and book materials by book rate (unless requested otherwise). Materials may be sent by Federal Express only if the requesting party is able to provide a Federal Express account number for receiver billing. Materials will not be mailed to locations within Cheyenne.

Out of State Requests

Out of state requests for Law Library materials will only be accepted through interlibrary loan. The only exceptions would be requests for Wyoming Administrative rules, historic Wyoming legislative materials, or replaced statutory materials by those willing to pay the costs of copying and mailing.

Persons making requests for current Wyoming Statutory materials should be directed to a law school or county law library in their area, the interlibrary loan department of their local county or city library, or, if they have access, to the Wyoming Legislative Service Office internet homepage.

Inmate Requests

All requests from inmates in the Wyoming correctional system must first be verified by someone on the institution's staff as being for information not available in the institution's library. If the material is not available, the designated institution employee may place a request through interlibrary loan.  The materials requested will then be lent to the institution and not directly to the requesting inmate.

Any Wyoming inmate submitting a request directly to the Law Library will be referred to their institution's library. The only exception will be for "ready reference" type of information (e.g. the address of a court).

Inmates outside of Wyoming requesting information will be referred to libraries within their state.  The only exception will be for Wyoming inmates contractually housed out of state--their requests will be forwarded to the Education Department at the Wyoming State penitentiary.

Check out

A majority of the Law Library collection is available for checking out.  The circulation period is for four (4) weeks. Circulating items may be renewed up to two (2) times unless another person has requested and placed a hold on the item.

Some materials are labeled reference and are intended for in-library use. However, certain reference materials may be checked out for a 24 hr. period.  These materials must be returned the next regular business day.  The exceptions are as follows:

    1. Court personnel--checked out as if any other material.
    2. Interlibrary loan--1 week period.
    3. Out-of-town attorneys (Mailed)--1 week period.
    4. Exceptional circumstances (Permission from Librarian is required).--Period depends on circumstances, although in most instances this will be 1 week.
There are some specific limitations to reference materials which may be borrowed. Under no circumstances are any Digests or ready reference volumes (e.g. Martindale-Hubbell) volumes to leave the Supreme Court Building. However, Supreme Court Staff may check out and take these volumes to their offices.

Confidentiality of Law Library Records

Section 16-4-203 of the Wyoming Statutes provides:

(d) The custodian shall deny the right of inspection of the following records, unless otherwise provided by law:

(ix) Library patron transaction and registration records except as required for administration of the library or except as requested by a custodial parent or guardian to inspect the records of his minor child;

In accordance with this statute, the Law Library staff cannot release the name of borrowers of Law Library materials unless approval of the borrower is secured.  The staff will make an effort to secure such approval or to secure the return of the item at the borrower's earliest convenience.


The Law Library does not charge fines for overdue material.  However, anyone checking out Law Library material is personally responsible for those items.  A bill for replacement and processing costs will be sent to anyone who has lost or damaged Law Library materials.  [Any item over two (2) months overdue will be assumed lost.]  Law Library privileges will be suspended until materials are returned or outstanding debts are paid.

Any exceptions to the above policy must be cleared by the Library Director.

Policy Reviewed 11/2011