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WYLDCAT - Online Library Catalog FAQ

Searching and Displaying Items in WYLDCAT

How do I search for items in WYLDCAT

The first search screen you see in WYLDCAT is for basic searches. From this screen, you can search for keywords from the title, author, subject, periodical title or keywords anywhere it might appear in the online record. By clicking on the radio button to toggle between keyword, browsing or exact, you change the type of search that you perform.
  • Keyword searches look for your terms anywhere in the field (keyword, title, author, subject, periodical title) you have chosen.
  • A Browse search is like virtually scanning the shelves for your item.
  • An Exact search must be entered exactly as the words appear in the record.
More advanced search options are available by clicking on the link to 'Advanced Search'. For more tips and examples on searching for items, visit the Wyoming State Library's WYLDCAT search tips page.


How do I email myself a list of items?

To build a list of items to email to yourself, select the '(+) My List' button in the hitlist or the item record. The '(+) My List' button changes to '(-) My List' and displays in a different color once you have selected an item. To view the list you've saved, click on 'My List' link on the navigation menu bar. From this screen you can email yourself the list of records you have marked or view them in a printable format. You can also delete items from your list at this point. Your list will not be cleared out until you log out of your WYLDCAT session.


Account Information

How do I access my account information?

To access your account, click on the link in WYLDCAT to 'My Account'. You will be able to see any items that you have checked out and when they are due, and holds that you have placed. Note that some interlibrary loans (items requested from libraries other than your own) may not show up right away as holds in your My Account screen. If you have any question about an outstanding hold, or any other information in your library record, you should contact the law library.


What is the correct format for entering my library card number?

Many WYLD member libraries' card numbers are in the following format: a29092 00555 5555b
You should enter your card with no spaces AND no letters - e.g. 29092005555555


How do I find out my PIN?

If you have your library card in hand and a valid email address, use the PIN Request Form. If you do not have an email address or do not know your library card number, contact the law library to learn your PIN.


How do I update my mailing address or my email address for the library?

Log in to your account in WYLDCAT by selecting the 'My Account' button and click on 'Change my Address'. Once you have provided your library card and PIN to verify who you are, you can enter your change of address information. This request will be sent to the law library.


How do I renew materials?

Log in to your account in WYLDCAT by selecting the 'My Account' button and click on 'Review My Account'. Items which are currently checked out to your account will be listed on this page. You can renew all the items or only individual items by marking each one and then clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen to renew. Note that there are times when items may not be renewable. For example, someone may have an item on hold, or you may have reached the threshold of renewals that your library allows. If you experience any difficulty renewing your items online, please contact the law library for assistance.


Requesting Materials

How do I place a hold on an item?

To place a hold, click on the button labeled 'Request' which appears to the left of the item information in the full details screen. If you have not already logged in with your library card and PIN, you will be asked to verify this information. If there is more than one volume available for this item, you may be asked to select a particular volume for your hold. If an item is not available at your library, you can still request it through the inter library loan process. Holds which are placed on items outside your own library may not display immediately in your Account record. NOTE: Interlibrary loan requests will be accepted for legal research only.


How do I place an inter library loan through WYLDCAT?

If an item is not available in your library but is found in another WYLD library or at the University of Wyoming (not the University of Wyoming Law Library), you can request the inter library loan by clicking on the 'Request' button from the full details screen.

You can also request material if you cannot find any record in WYLDCAT by clicking on the Request Material link in the navigation menu at the top of the catalog and filling out the appropriate form as completely as possible.

Each of these types of requests will be processed by library staff and may not display as part of your account activity in the 'My Account' section of WYLDCAT right away. If you have any questions about your pending requests, you should contact the law library for assistance. NOTE: Interlibrary loan requests will be accepted for legal research only.


Access to Additional Databases

How do I get access to the databases from home?

If you are using WYLDCAT from an authenticated site, such as the law library or public library, you should be able to connect directly to any of the additional databases, such as Lexis Nexis Congressional Documents or EBSCO. You can either use the link from WYLDCAT by clicking on the 'ARTICLES & MORE' link on the menu bar or choose a database from the GoWYLD.net web site. NOTE: Westlaw can only be accessed in the law library. HeinOnline may be accessed from the law library, Wyoming State Library, or participating public libraries.

If you are using WYLDCAT from home, you must authenticate yourself as a library user with a WYLD library card or alternate ID and your PIN. When you click on the links to the databases from either a WYLDCAT session or from the GoWYLD databases page, you will be asked to supply your library card and PIN. Contact the law library if you need assistance with your library card.

If you are experiencing problems, more information on remote access is available in Technote 001


What databases require authentication and which ones are open to anyone?

The databases listed at http://gowyld.net/dbases.cfm includes resources that can only be used within the library, databases that can be used after authenticating yourself as a Wyoming user, and general interest databases that are free to anyone. NOTE: Westlaw can only be accessed in the law library. HeinOnline may be accessed from the law library, Wyoming State Library, or participating public libraries.


I can't authenticate to use the databases remotely.

If you are notified that your library card or PIN is invalid, contact the law library to update your information.

If you log in with your correct library card and PIN, but every time to try to connect to one of the database links, you are presented with the log in screen again, you may need to make a change to your computer to allow the WYLD proxy server to refer your information for you.

Home users with Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall will need to configure their workstations to pass referrer information to specific web pages. WYLD Technotes 001 and 002 will assist you with making these changes.
Note 001 - General Assistance with Remote Access
Note 001a - Fixing Norton 2005 and 2006