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Rules and Forms Governing Small Claims Cases
Amended December 2, 2002; Amendment Effective January 6, 2003;
Amended May 9, 2000; Amendment Effective July 1, 2000;
Amended February 23, 1999; Amendment Effective June 9, 1999;
Created November 22, 1989; Effective February 13, 1990;
Text of Rules
[+] Rule 1. Scope of rules. These rules govern procedure in small claims cases in circuit courts. Statutes governing small claims cases which are in conflict with these rules are superseded.
(amended December 2, 2002, effective January 6, 2003)
[+] Rule 2. Forms. Form No. 1, designated Small Claims Affidavit and Notice to Plaintiff and Defendant, together with Form No. 2, designated Summons with Return, attached hereto, shall be adopted for use in all circuit courts in processing small claims cases.
(amended December 2, 2002, effective January 6, 2003)
[+] Rule 3. Filing fees. The fee for filing small claims actions shall be ten dollars ($10.00) in circuit courts.
(amended December 2, 2002, effective January 6, 2003)
[+] Rule 4. Venue. A defendant in small claims actions may only be sued in the county in which the defendant has an address. (W.S. 1-21-203)
[+] Rule 5. Responsive pleadings. No answer nor responsive pleading shall be required in small claims actions.
[+] Rule 6. Rules of evidence. Strict rules of evidence shall not apply in trials of small claims actions. Irrelevant, immaterial or unduly repetitious evidence shall be excluded. A court may in its discretion receive the type of evidence commonly relied upon by reasonably prudent persons in the conduct of their serious business affairs. Hearsay that is probative, trustworthy and credible may be received into evidence.
[+] Rule 7. Appeals. Appeals of small claims actions to district court shall be processed pursuant to W.R.A.P. and only on questions of law and not for a review of the sufficiency of evidence. (Johnson v. Statewide Collections, Inc., 778 P.2d 93 (Wyo. 1989))
amended February 23, 1999, effective June 9, 1999
See Wyoming Court Rules Annotated for appendix of forms.
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