Access to Justice Commission (AJC)

The mission of the Wyoming Access to Justice Commission is to promote fair and equal access to civil justice in Wyoming.

To further that mission, the Commission’s five-year strategic plan, covering 2015-2020, focuses on three initiatives to promote equal access to justice for Wyoming citizens:

Initiative # 1: Continued Support for Legal Services in Wyoming.

The Wyoming Access to Justice Commission was instrumental in obtaining legislation to create a funding mechanism for legal aid programs through a $10 filing fee or assessment on all cases. These fees generate approximately $1.4 million annually to help fund legal aid for those who cannot otherwise afford it. The Commission is committed to supporting continued and stable funding for legal services. Over the next five years, the Commission will monitor the stability of current state funding generated from filing fees, support efforts to increase funding for legal services and access to justice initiatives, and explore additional methods to increase funding, including pro hac vice fees, cy pres awards, as well as other potential sources. Read More

Initiative # 2: Communications and Public Awareness.

The Wyoming Access to Justice Commission seeks to strengthen communications and public awareness of legal resources to three groups: (1) Wyoming’s legal community including lawyers and judges; (2) Wyoming legislators and other government leaders; and (3) the general public. Read More

Initiative # 3: Inspiring Pro Bono Service by Wyoming Attorneys.

The Wyoming Access to Justice Commission has partnered with Equal Justice Wyoming and the Wyoming State Bar to support and expand pro bono (free) legal services for Wyoming’s low income population. Since the launch of the pro bono campaign, lawyer participation in the statewide Volunteer Lawyers Program has increased by 185%. More than 140 attorneys have pledged to provide pro bono legal services and more than 200 low-income individuals received assistance through the pro bono program in 2015. Read More

About the AJC

The Access to Justice Commission was established by Court Order on December 16, 2008. Its mission is to promote fair and equal access to civil justice in Wyoming.

Commission Minutes