Access to Justice Commission (AJC)

The Access to Justice Commission was established by Court Order on December 16, 2008. Its mission is to promote fair and equal access to civil justice in Wyoming.

Commission Members

Name Title Term Expiration
Hon. Kate M. Fox, Chair Justice, Wyoming Supreme Court 12/31/2017
Hon. E. James Burke Chief Justice, Wyoming Supreme Court 12/31/2017
John M. Burman Professor, University of Wyoming College of Law 12/31/2016
Tenille Lynn Castle President, Wyoming State Bar Foundation 09/30/2016
Hon. Shelley Cundiff Circuit Court Judge, 4th Judicial District 12/31/2015
Stuart R. Day Attorney at Law 12/31/2015
Hon. Timothy C. Day District Court Judge, 9th Judicial District 12/31/2016
Walter F. Eggers, III Attorney at Law 12/31/2015
R. Daniel Fleck Attorney at Law 12/31/2017
Hon. Marilyn S. Kite Justice, Wyoming Supreme Court 12/31/2017
Hon. Richard L. Lavery District Court Judge, 3rd Judicial District 12/31/2015
Ronda Munger Deputy State Court Administrator, Wyoming Supreme Court 12/31/2017
Devon O'Connell President, Wyoming State Bar 09/30/2016
Paul Phillips Legal Aid of Wyoming Board Member 12/31/2015
Dona Playton University of Wyoming College of Law 12/31/2015
Amanda Kay Roberts Attorney at Law 12/31/2016
Senator Anthony F. Ross Wyoming Legislature, Senate President 12/31/2017
Hon. John St. Clair Chief Judge, Shoshone and Arapaho Tribal Court 12/31/2015
Gen Tuma District Court Clerk, Natrona County 12/31/2015
Sharon Wilkinson Executive Director, Wyoming State Bar 12/31/2015
Lawrence J. Wolfe Attorney at Law 12/31/2016