Boards & Commissions

Board of Judicial Policy & Administration (BJPA)

The Board of Judicial Policy and Administration sets policies for the Judiciary, exercises administrative supervision over the courts in the state, and it promulgates rules of practice and procedure for all courts.

Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee (JEAC)

Upon the recommendation of the Board of Judicial Policy and Administration, the Wyoming Supreme Court signed an Order dated April 1, 2010, establishing the Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee.

Court Security Commission

The Wyoming Court Security Commission establishes the standards to protect life, property and the judicial process in the Wyoming court system.

Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics

The Commission provides a means of discipline in the form of censure, suspension, removal, retirement or other discipline of justices of the Wyoming Supreme Court, district court judges and commissioners, circuit court judges and magistrates, municipal court judges, and other judicial officers.

Judicial Nominating Commission

The commission provides the method for selection of the justices of the Wyoming Supreme Court, district court judges and circuit court judges.

Access to Justice Commission (AJC)

The Access to Justice Commission was established by Court Order on December 16, 2008. Its mission is to promote fair and equal access to civil justice in Wyoming.

Equal Justice Wyoming

Operated through the Wyoming Supreme Court, Equal Justice Wyoming exists to promote access to justice throughout the State of Wyoming in accordance with the directives of the Wyoming Civil Legal Services Act. Board members appointed by the Supreme Court act to ensure that statutory priorities and objectives of the Act are fully and faithfully executed.

Permanent Rules Advisory Committee

The purpose of this committee is to propose and enact rules pertaining to trial courts in both criminal and civil matters. Appointment: Wyoming Supreme Court. Term: Two Years.