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Language Interpreter's Policy

It is the policy of the Wyoming Supreme Court and Board of Judicial Policy and Administration to secure the rights, constitutional and otherwise, of persons who, because of non-English-speaking cultural background, are unable to understand or communicate adequately in the English language when they appear or are involved in court proceedings.

Interpreter Rosters

The Langauge Interpreter Policy adopts a tiered system for recognizing intepreter qualifications and preference for use in court. The Wyoming Supreme Court has developed an application form and orientation course for all court interpreters who wish to be added to the court interpreter rosters.

The roster procedure will be as follows:

  • CERTIFIED roster: Interpreters currently “certified” in another jurisdiction must complete the application form; complete a required orientation program; and provide evidence of their credentials. Once their credentials have been verified and equivalency determined, they will be added to the certified roster;
  • REGISTERED roster: Interpreters not certified in another jurisdiction must complete the application form; complete a required orientation course which will include a written test of legal terminology, interpreting skills, and interpreter ethics; and complete an oral proficiency interview with an acceptable rating. Once the interpreter has completed these requirements, the interpreter will be added to the registered roster.

Un-rostered interpreters may still be qualified by the local court when rostered interpreters are not available.

Code of Ethics and Oath

The purpose of a code of ethics is to articulate a core set of principles to serve as a reference for interpreters, judges and court administrators as to the conduct expected of a court interpreter. This code of ethics has been adopted by the Wyoming Supreme Court to guide interpreter conduct while working in the courts of Wyoming:

Continuing Education

  • Rock Springs, WY
  • We will be holding our next court interpreter orientation in Rock Springs on November 6th-7th. Training Flyer

  • Casper, WY - Training Flyer
    • Thursday, June 24, 1pm - 5pm
    • Friday, June 25, 8am - 12pm
  • Cheyenne: January 24-25, 2013
  • Casper: March 14-15, 2013
  • Green River: May 29-30, 2013
  • Gillette: June 27-28, 2013
  • Thermopolis: October 24-25, 2013

Additional Resources

In addition to the Wyoming Supreme Court Interpreter Roster, please feel free to access the Colorado directory.