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We are pleased to announce that the robing ceremony for Judge Patrick W. Korell was conducted on November 16th for the position of District Court Judge for the Eighth Judicial District for Converse, Goshen, Niobrara and Platte Counties. Judge Korell, the former Goshen County and Prosecuting Attorney, was selected by Governor Matt Mead to replace Judge Keith Kautz who is now serving on the Wyoming Supreme Court.

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Notice: Judicial Learning Center under CONSTRUCTION.

Construction of the Wyoming Judicial Learning Center is underway! The NEW Center will be housed in the Wyoming Supreme Court Law Library. The Law Library will remain open during con-
struction. Stop in to see the progress!


The Wyoming Supreme Court, in collaboration with the Wyoming State Bar Foundation, has launched a project to create a Judicial Learning Center within the current State Law Library. The Center will house interactive exhibits to teach audiences about the importance and meaning of the Rule of Law. Exhibits will highlight Wyoming’s unique and significant contributions to our country’s legal system. Understanding the law can be difficult. This Center will provide a fun and interactive environment to promote education about important legal concepts. Stop by the library to see our progress!

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Second Order Nunc Pro Tunc Amending Rules 1.15, 1.15A, and 6.1 of The Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys at Law
Order Amending Rule 9 of the Wyoming State Bar and the Authorized Practice of Law
Order Amending Rule 3.1 of the Wyoming Rules of Civil Procedure for Circuit Courts
Order Repealing the Existing Order Regarding Uniform Citation Form and Order Adopting New Uniform Citation Form For Use in Wyoming Courts of Limited Jurisdiction
Order Adopting the Revised Uniform Bail and Forfeiture Schedule
Order Amending Rule 6 of the Wyoming Rules of Disciplinary Procedure.
Order Amending Rule 6 of the Wyoming Rules of Disciplinary Procedure.
Order Amending the Rules of the Wyoming State Board of Continuing Legal Education
Order Amending the Rules and Procedures Governing Admission to the Practice of Law
Order Amending Article I, Section 2-3 and Article X, Section 3 of the Bylaws of the Wyoming State Bar

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NOTE: All Orders are published in Portable Document Format (PDF). Get Adobe Reader

Attorneys Recommended to Practice Law in Wyoming

Published: 10/08/2015

Wyoming Legislature Funds Court Security Improvements

Published: 03/18/2015

State of the Judiciary 2015

Published: 01/15/2015

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