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E. James Burke
Chief Justice, Wyoming Supreme Court


The State Justice Institute (SJI) recently notified the Wyoming Supreme Court that it has been awarded a second $50,000 technical assistance grant. The grant funds will be used to obtain the services of security consultants from the National Center for State Courts to conduct additional court security assessments. The funds the court received from the SJI in 2014 were used to conduct court security assessments in Albany, Big Horn, Crook, Goshen, Niobrara, Park, Platte, and Weston counties. The 2014 assessments provided critical information to the members of the Joint Appropriations Committee. Subsequently, the Legislature authorized $1,083.422.00 for matching grants to these eight counties—counties who could not otherwise afford to make court security improvements. Over half the courthouses in Wyoming remain vulnerable and lack the basic essential security elements. The assessments focus on the courtroom, judicial chambers, and other areas as they relate to the security and safety of judges, court staff, and court visitors. This recent grant will allow for assessments to be conducted in six to eight additional counties that were not included in the 2014 effort. With the help of these additional grant funds, the Supreme Court hopes to repeat the success it has had in leveraging state resources to strengthen security measures in Wyoming court facilities.

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Order Repealing the Existing Order Regarding Uniform Citation Form and Order Adopting New Uniform Citation Form For Use in Wyoming Courts of Limited Jurisdiction
Order Adopting the Revised Uniform Bail and Forfeiture Schedule
Order Amending Rule 6 of the Wyoming Rules of Disciplinary Procedure.

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